Commend launches new Id8 Symphony Control Desk

Commend has announced the launch of its newest product: the id8 control desk, powered by Commend Symphony technology. The control desk includes advanced features and direct dialing buttons, taking management to new heights, reducing response times and streamlining workflows for control room staff.

This new control desk system from Commend is entirely based on Symphony technology. And, with the id8, professional control console management reaches an unprecedented level, according to the company. Thanks to Commend’s “Evergreen Technology” philosophy, the control console is at the cutting edge of technology while ensuring perfect compatibility with first generation devices.

With the id8’s revolutionary 8-inch touchscreen, operators benefit from seamless integration that translates into unrivaled efficiency, complemented by a range of advanced features, Commend says. Tasks can now be accomplished with ease, at the touch of a finger, creating a much more relaxed and intuitive working environment in the control room.

The id8 control room interface transcends traditional control systems by providing complete control of the entire security system, regardless of the situation, eliminating any risk of an emergency that may go unnoticed. This advanced level of control achieves rapid identification of potential crises, allowing rapid and proactive security measures to be taken, thereby ensuring a safer and more secure environment.

According to Commend, the id8 sets a new standard in call handling with its industry-leading features, achieving new levels of efficiency in response times. By integrating a physical button next to the touch screen, this control console optimises workflows and simplifies processes, thereby reducing the workload of control room staff. Regardless of the application scenario, the id8 gives users full control over the security system, ensuring rapid detection and effective response to every (emergency) call.

The Id8 comes with a range of accessories including:

  • Gooseneck microphone
  • Up to five direct call button modules
  • Office kit
  • Handset (also available as a wall kit)
  • Surface or recessed mounting kit
  • Audio induction loop
  • I/O expansion modules with audio interface port or with USB port
  • IP security box
  • IP converter box


  • The proven features of Commend’s intercoms with the impressive software control desk functions of the Symphony world.
  • State-of-the-art and yet compatible with first generation devices.
  • Everything available on one control desk thanks to the touch display.
  • Suitable for almost all areas of application thanks to various layouts and yet individually adaptable.
  • Extremely bright 8″ touch display for an optimal user experience and yet expandable with up to 5 direct dialling button modules with 14 physical buttons each and there is one freely programmable button directly on the device. This physical button on the device can be programmed e.g. for answering calls, as a door opener, for push to talk, etc.
  • Optionally with integrated high-resolution colour video camera available and always with crystal clear sound up to 20 kHz uHD voice quality.

Visitors to Milipol Paris from 14-17 November can learn more about the control desk on Commend’s stand: 5 L094.

Top image credit: Commend

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