15 Novembre 2023

AARTOS X9: Advanced surveillance of large areas

AARONIA AG is showcasing the AARTOS X9, a standout in the AARTOS series and their most powerful system yet. This advanced surveillance tool offers gapless ultra-wideband monitoring, featuring 4+ independent receivers and the capability to scan the entire 400MHz to 6GHz frequency range over 1,000 times per second. With a base range of up to 14 kilometres, extendable to 50 kilometres, it is ideal for monitoring extensive areas. The AARTOS X9 can be fully integrated into vehicles or used in a military-standard shelter for mobile operations, and is capable of autonomous functioning for up to three months.

  • Gapeless highspeed ultra-wideband monitoring
  • Adapted for monitoring large areas
  • Autonomous functioning for up to three months
Hall 5A / Stand M025