04 Novembre 2023

From detection to protection: Unpacking Aaronia’s AARTOS DDS

Drones, once a novelty, have now permeated various sectors, bringing along a spectrum of security challenges. Aaronia AG’s AARTOS Drone Detection System (DDS) offers an innovative holistic and adaptable solution designed to secure airspace from potential threats.

The security and surveillance sector is undergoing a crucial transformation, necessitating advanced solutions to address the increasing threat of drones in sectors such as military espionage, warfare, and the protection of critical infrastructure and large events. Aaronia  AG has stepped up to address this challenge with the AARTOS Drone Detection System (DDS), a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of both civil and military security operations.

AARTOS DDS is recognised for its flexibility and adaptability, offering a variety of solutions to accommodate different requirements and budgets. The product line includes mobile laptop versions X2 and X5, designed for limited applications, and extends to high-end solutions X7 and X9, which are crafted for more demanding military use.

The AARTOS X2, specifically engineered for mobile use, is notable for its compact form factor and rapid operational readiness, being deployable in less than 30 seconds. Its standard detection range of up to five kilometres can be extended to 40 kilometres if required, providing extensive coverage. The system is proficient in decoding drone protocols and determining the location of drones in real-time, while also having the capability to record and replay data, making it an essential tool for protecting mobile units from drone-related threats.

AARTOS DDS stands out with unique features such as the high-speed localisation of drone activity, scanning the entire frequency spectrum and conducting simultaneous scans of different frequencies to detect all drones using radio signals. The system provides real-time data on the position, speed and altitude of drones, and uniquely, can extract their serial numbers. The positioning of both the drone and its operator is relayed in real-time, ensuring a swift and effective response to potential threats.

Central to the system’s capabilities is Aaronia’s proprietary software solution, RTSA-Suite PRO. This powerful real-time spectrum analysis software facilitates the integration of a wide variety of hardware components for evaluation, guaranteeing simple, efficient, and optimal utilisation of the respective system.

Among the components of the AARTOS system, the programmable 360° Smart Jammer is particularly noteworthy for its extensive range of up to 10 kilometres. It enables complete, individual adjustment or programmability of any frequency range from 400MHz to 6GHz in real-time. The jammer can engage with all drones within its frequency range, providing options for both automatic and manual interference by the operator.

Thorsten Chmielus, CEO of Aaronia AG, emphasises the programmable jammer as a significant innovation, contributing to the growing interest and demand for AARTOS systems. The AARTOS DDS by Aaronia AG represents a significant advancement in the field of security and surveillance, offering a robust and reliable solution to the complex challenges posed by drone technology.

Visitors to Milipol Paris can discover the cutting-edge capabilities of AARTOS DDS firsthand on Aaaronia’s stand in Hall 5A / Stand M025.