14 Novembre 2023

Fatec: Innovations for safety and training

In an exclusive interview with Milipol Paris Daily, Daniel Fayolle, CEO of Fatec, provides an overview of the company’s technological advances and their impact on the training and preparation of law enforcement and military personnel.

What innovations have guided the development of your products?
Since 1996, Fatec has enhanced its range by moving from in-house developed software to a universal DMX software engine. DMX provides access to the lighting and special effects products used in the world of entertainment. Fatec has standardised all its products to the DMX norm, from the transmission of commands to products such as targets. The standardisation of the range means that all products can be replaced as standard, either through the after-sales service or as upgrades.

How does FATEC ensure that its solutions meet the realistic requirements of urban combat scenarios?
The realism created means that personnel manoeuvring in urban combat or closed environments can be put in situations as close to reality as possible. The aim is to add as much stress as possible to the manoeuvre by creating the most realistic environment.

What is FATEC’s vision for the future in terms of innovation in law enforcement training systems?Fatec is constantly coming up with new innovations, and this year it is presenting dynamic projected targets. The first product is a fixed projector that can project one of the four visuals in memory, which doubles the capacity of fixed targets by saving on visuals.

The second product is a variant with seven visuals that can be moved 360°. In a room, a projector will be able to project one of these seven visuals anywhere. An impact detection system for FX can be coupled to respond to a hit target.

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