16 Novembre 2023

SAR 56: A precise rifle for diverse field conditions

The SAR 56 infantry rifle is an innovative rifle meticulously crafted by Sarsılmaz, incorporating feedback from experts in the homeland security and safety sector. Engineered with a 5.56x45mm caliber, this rifle boasts a versatile design tailored to excel in diverse field conditions. Its five-position, cheek-supported stock, detachable handguard, and angled hand grip ensure adaptability, while the short stroke gas piston drive system delivers powerful performance. The SAR 56 offers flexibility with three barrel length options (7.5″, 11″, and 14.5″), making it the ideal choice for various missions ranging from close quarters to long-range scenarios.

  • Expert-driven design
  • High-performance drive system
  • Crafted for precision
Hall 5A / Stand M046