04 Novembre 2023

Axon’s TASER VR controllers to transform officer training

Axon Enterprise is introducing its new TASER 10 and TASER 7 VR controllers, a step forward in training technology for public safety officers. Developed in collaboration with HTC VIVE, these controllers offer an immersive and accurate training experience allowing officers to build muscle memory and train to proficiency without extensive training time or live cartridge consumption.

The introduction of these controllers aligns with Axon’s ongoing commitment to innovating law enforcement training. Axon VR stands out from traditional training methods by allowing on-demand microtraining sessions that can be completed anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for dedicated training spaces and complex equipment. This approach not only makes training more accessible but also enhances knowledge retention and improves skills in empathy and de-escalation tactics.

In addition to the new VR controllers, Axon is introducing six new Simulator Training exercises, providing unlimited access to practice essential TASER 10 and TASER 7 skills. This comprehensive training solution is designed to address the challenges agencies face in providing effective training, ensuring that officers are well-prepared for the field.

Visitors to Milipol Paris can discover Axon Entreprise’s training innovations on their stand.

Key Selling Points

  • Realistic and immersive training
  • Accessibility and convenience
  • Comprehensive skill development
Stand 5 J167