04 Novembre 2023

Sovereign Systems introduces Thesia: a new dimension in indoor tracking

Thesia, the innovative indoor tracking system from Sovereign Systems, is now available commercially, offering precise location tracking within buildings devoid of GPS signals.

Sovereign Systems has proudly announced the commercial availability of Thesia, an advanced indoor tracking system designed to accurately locate individuals within buildings and structures where GPS signals are inaccessible. Thesia stands out on the market with its capability to provide precise location data, pinpointing individuals to within 1 to 2 metres on any floor of a building.

Thesia is a significant development in non-GPS tracking, operating across three axes (x, y, and z) to deliver accurate location information. This technology is especially valuable for first responders and emergency personnel, enhancing safety during search and rescue missions or firefighting operations. Thesia’s real-time location data ensures that commanders maintain a comprehensive understanding of their team’s whereabouts at all times, which is crucial in high-stakes situations.

The Thesia sensor features integrated Wi-Fi capability, allowing it to connect directly to Sovereign’s PTT Mesh radio. This ensures reliable, high-speed connectivity even in environments where cellular networks are compromised. The integration of Thesia with sensor-based systems that monitor vital signs, the presence of toxic gases, and other critical factors, along with providing a two-way communication channel, further enhances the safety and effectiveness of operations.

Visitors to Milipol Paris this year can learn more about Thesia and Sovereign Systems’ other innovative solutions at their stand.

Key Selling Points

  • Precise location tracking
  • Enhanced safety for first responders
  • Reliable connectivity in challenging environments
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