Delta Drone acquires Tonner Drones, embraces military applications

Delta Drone, following its acquisition of Tonner Drones, is expanding its reach beyond the confines of its established business model to embrace the development and sale of military drones, including their associated software and services.

This significant move has prompted the company to adopt the name of the acquired company, Tonner Drones. Driven by the initial investment of €1.5 million by a new investor group headed by Mr. Diede van den Ouden, there has been a change in leadership. Jean-François Ott and Brad Taylor are now at the helm of the newly reinvented organisation, backed by an extensive network spanning the corporate, governmental, and financial sectors across Europe, North America, and Africa.

Turning over a new leaf: management changes and financial adjustments

In the short weeks since their appointment, the new management team has concentrated on reducing the monthly cash burn, securing a €1 million shareholder loans for short-term operational funds, ceasing variable pricing financing products, and engaging partners and stakeholders to generate revenues. These steps are part of the first phase of the management’s strategic plan to revive the company’s financial position and boost shareholder value.

Tapping into the lucrative military drone market

Current estimates highlight the immense potential of the global military drone sector, with a projected growth from €12 billion to more than €30 billion by 2030. With this expansion in mind, the company’s new strategy includes incorporating Tonner Drones’ advanced military technology, developed since 2018, and Delta Drone’s decade-long tech developments. Tonner Drones’ modular drone technology boasts firing capabilities and a recoil ejection system, making it adaptable for use in other sectors such as security, firefighting, search and rescue, and agricultural planting. By crafting unique, on-site military drone solutions that meet the distinct needs of each customer, Tonner Drones aims to solidify its position as a leading innovator in the industry.

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