EchoShield radar: Echodyne’s latest offering in the radar landscape

Echodyne has announced that it has secured Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Authorisation for its EchoShield radar. This approval paves the way for EchoShield to be deployed for non-experimental uses, aligning with the increasing demand for its innovative radars in various markets and applications.

This approval aligns with the growing demand for radars that are both compact and high-performing, capable of addressing the nuances of contemporary threats. Built upon Echodyne’s patented Metamaterials Electronic Scanning Array (MESA) technology, the EchoShield radar offers a cost-effective alternative without compromising on performance, setting a new standard in the electronically scanned array (ESA) radar arena.

The radar’s technical specifications and integration capabilities

Echoshield radar, as a medium-range, software-defined, pulse-Doppler, cognitive 4D radar, offers an expansive and customisable Field of View (FoV), ensuring objects are tracked with angular precision. The radar’s adaptability is noteworthy, tailoring its performance based on the specific needs of the user, the location, and the mission at hand. Echodyne uses proprietary MESA technology ensures ta high level of performance, according to the company. The emphasis on high data fidelity means that the radar can effectively detect and identify off-the-shelf drones, managing intricate scenes and directing other sensors with accuracy. Furthermore, the design of the EchoShield radar facilitates integration into larger systems, using industry-standard protocols. Its design also ensures optimal size, weight, and power, making it versatile enough for fixed, portable, and on-the-move requirements.

Visitors to Milipol Paris from 14-17 November can learn more about Echodyne’s innovation on their stand: 5 E055.

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