Nexter unveils CENTURIO robotic system in partnership with SERA Engineering

In April 2023, Nexter Robotics (a KNDS company) partnered with SERA Engineering, a subsidiary of the SOGECLAIR Group, in order to develop land robots for the French Army based on the PHOBOS robotic platform, with a focus on modularity, autonomy, and mobility.

Sylvain Rousseau, Director of Nexter’s Systems activity, was pleased with the partnership: “The partnership between Nexter and SERA Ingénierie (SOGECLAIR) reflects the will to unite the key players of the French robotics in order to create the new land robot solutions”. Olivier Pedron, President of SERA Ingénierie (SOGECLAIR) and Chief Operating Officer of SOGECLAIR, added that “this partnership aims to provide solutions with a small logistical footprint, robust, sober, proven and reliable”.

A year later, at the end of March this year, Nexter revealed footage of tests of the CENTURIO robotic system at the Canjuers camp in France. These trials highlighted the system’s high mobility on challenging terrain and ability to cross and tow over long distances.

The CENTURIO robotic sytem is being developed in the framework of the 2024-30 French Military Programming Law (LPM), which will invest 5 billion euros in military robotics. Until now, Nexter’s range has included the Nerva mini-robots, the Ultro 600 robotic mule, and the Optio armed robot.

The CENTURIO incorporates a “mobility autonomy kit” developed by Nexter, which combines assisted teleoperation with autonomous capabilities adapted for hostile environments. This system aims to optimise human-robot interaction, adjusting in real-time according to the tactical situation.

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Image credit: NEXTER-KNDS

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