Ouvry’s NRBC personal protective equipment chosen by UGAP

Ouvry emerged victorious in all the lots it applied for in the public tender, offering an extended range of products, double the size of the previous 2018 contract.

This successful bid reflects the exceptional quality of Ouvry’s products and the acknowledgment of its expertise in the Nuclear, Radiological, Biological and Chemical (NRBC) protection and decontamination domain.

A comprehensive range of NRBC PPE for all first responders

The products selected by UGAP from Ouvry’s inventory primarily consist of NRBC PPE tailored to meet the requirements of intervention units and first responders across all sectors. Ouvry’s offerings include specialised NRBC suits for first responders (Polycombi®) and intervention units (TFI), along with respiratory masks (OC50, OPC50, and filtration cartridges), and accompanying accessories that enhance the protective gear. Notable mentions are the butyl gloves (OG05) and filtration gloves (Target), as well as butyl overboots (OBoots). Additionally, Ouvry provides individual decontamination wipes designed to counter radiological (Decpol RAD) and biological and chemical (Decpol ABS) threats.

Simplified acquisition process for enhanced protection

UGAP now provides an uncomplicated avenue for acquiring high-quality NRBC PPE. First responders from various sectors can access a comprehensive range of Ouvry’s products, ensuring that they are well-equipped to handle potential hazardous situations effectively. The seamless procurement process through UGAP ensures that public service personnel can focus on their duties with confidence, knowing they have access to reliable and efficient protective gear.

Ouvry’s triumphant selection by UGAP marks a significant milestone for the company and strengthens its position as a leading provider of NRBC protection solutions. With an expanded range of top-tier PPE products available through UGAP, first responders can approach critical tasks with an added layer of safety and confidence, safeguarding both their own well-being and the communities they serve.

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