Plastrance Cleargard: Stopping  20% more ballistic threats

Plastrance, a leading manufacturer of high-performance polycarbonate solutions, is introducing Cleargard to the homeland security market. Cleargard is a revolutionary polycarbonate glazing product designed to deliver unparalleled protection for law enforcement vehicles and other critical assets.

Enhanced security for a complex world

Homeland security encompasses a vast array of challenges, from securing borders to protecting citizens and infrastructure from criminal activity and terrorism. Law enforcement plays a pivotal role in safeguarding communities, and their vehicles are often the first line of defence. Plastrance Cleargard addresses this critical need by providing superior ballistic and impact protection compared to traditional glass windows.

Cleargard is virtually unbreakable, making it significantly more resistant to projectiles, debris, and even attempted break-ins. This translates to a heightened level of safety for officers, allowing them to perform their duties with greater confidence and security.

Uncompromised visibility for optimal situational awareness

Plastrance understands that clear visibility is paramount for law enforcement personnel. Cleargard boasts exceptional optical quality, ensuring there’s no distortion that might hinder an officer’s vision during critical moments. This allows for optimal situational awareness, essential for making quick decisions and ensuring the safety of officers and civilians alike.

Beyond ballistic protection: A lightweight advantage

Cleargard isn’t just about superior strength; it’s also a lighter alternative to traditional glass. This translates to several benefits for law enforcement vehicles. A lighter weight can improve fuel efficiency, allowing patrol cars to cover more ground and respond to emergencies more effectively. Additionally, lighter vehicles offer better handling, making them more manoeuvrable in high-pressure situations.

Built to endure: Long-lasting performance you can trust

Plastrance Cleargard is designed to be durable. The polycarbonate material is UV-treated, preventing yellowing and ensuring the glazing retains its clarity over extended periods. Additionally, Cleargard offers superior abrasion resistance, minimising scratches and wear from everyday use. This ensures that officers have reliable protection for years to come.

Cleargard beyond law enforcement

While the spotlight shines brightly on its application in law enforcement vehicles, Cleargard has a wider range of uses within homeland security. Here are some additional applications:

  • Riot Control Vehicles: Cleargard provides superior protection for officers and safeguards critical equipment during civil unrest situations.
  • Border Security Vehicles: Cleargard’s exceptional clarity and durability make it ideal for use in patrol vehicles safeguarding borders.
  • Cash-in-Transit Vehicles: The product’s ballistic resistance offers an extra layer of security for vehicles transporting valuables.
  • Public Transportation: Cleargard can be incorporated into buses and trains, enhancing passenger safety and protecting against vandalism.

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Photo credit: Wesley Marçal for Unsplash

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