UF PRO Striker BDU: Enhancing utility and comfort

Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs) are valued for their utility, durability, and camouflage properties. Among these, the UF PRO Striker BDU stands out, embraced by Special Forces units worldwide for its comfort and performance. This overview provides insights into the Striker BDU’s key features, materials, and suitability for various environments.

Materials: Quality and durability

The choice of materials plays a main role in the performance of BDUs. UF PRO prioritises high-quality materials such as NyCo Ripstop, PolyCo Ripstop, and CORDURA fabrics, each offering unique advantages in tactical garment systems.

  • NyCo Ripstop: This blend of nylon and cotton provides comfort, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties while resisting wear and tear due to its ripstop weave pattern
  • PolyCo Ripstop: The combination of polyester and cotton results in a durable fabric, preventing tears from spreading
  • CORDURA: Renowned for its strength and abrasion resistance, CORDURA reinforces high-wear areas without compromising comfort

The importance of comfort

Balancing durability and comfort is vital when selecting BDUs. The UF PRO Striker BDU incorporates scholler-stretch panels to provide unrestricted movement, reinforced stitching, double-layered fabric in high-wear areas, and an ergonomic design to improve durability and comfort. Adjustable waist and ankle tabs, along with detachable elbow and knee pads, provide customisation choices.

Optimised performance across environments

UF PRO claims to understand the diverse demands faced by military and security personnel. Regardless of the season or environmental conditions, UF PRO products are designed to perform consistently.

  • Breathable and moisture-wicking materials: UF PRO clothing efficiently manages sweat by pulling moisture away from the body, ensuring comfort in varying climates
  • WINDSTOPPER lining: This technology blocks wind, preserving warmth without compromising breathability—an essential feature for windy conditions
  • Strategic ventilation: UF PRO’s tactical gear incorporates ventilation zones for optimal air circulation, regulating body temperature in both hot and cold environments.

Tailored for different sectors

UF PRO recognises the distinctions between the needs of police and military personnel and tailors BDUs accordingly.

  • Police BDUs: Versatile and adaptable for urban environments, emphasising a civilian-friendly appearance, pockets for equipment, discreet protective elements, and solid, darker colours
  • Military BDUs: Designed to withstand battlefield conditions, featuring camouflage patterns, robust construction, reinforced knees and elbows, and load-bearing capabilities

The UF PRO Striker BDU stands out for its quality materials, practical design, and suitability for various environments. Whether in urban settings or challenging terrains, this uniform provides valuable support to military and security personnel in their missions.

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