Veriff identity verification software now available through the Amazon AWS marketplace

The identity verification offering from Veriff is now available on Amazon’s third-party software platform, AWS

Global identity verification service company headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, Veriff, has announced that its identity verification (IDV) offering is now available through the AWS Marketplace, a digital catalogue from Amazon where customers can find, buy, deploy, and manage a wide range of software products and services designed to run on the AWS platform.

A global IDV solution

According to Veriff, the company has been selected to appear among only a few IDV providers on the AWS Marketplace with its AI-powered ID verification solution. Through Veriff’s IDV software, users are asked to take a picture of themselves and of their government-issued ID. The firm’s IDV technology then detects and verifies the validity of the document and instructs the user when the back of the ID is required, thus creating a seamless hassle-free IDV experience for users.

Capable of analysing more than 11,300 government-issued IDs across a total of 230 countries and in 48 languages, the Veriff IDV offering provides organisations with a global solution to quickly and easily convert more users, prevent fraud, and comply with existing regulations, thereby helping them achieve greater levels of trust with their customers and partners, says Veriff.

Veriff ID Verification
Now available on AWS | Credit: Veriff

“Online identity fraud is a major concern for consumers and businesses, so we are delighted that Veriff is one of a few identity verification providers on AWS Marketplace, making this technology more widely available to those who need it,” said Brian Krause, Vice President of Strategic Revenue at Veriff. “We look forward to working closely with AWS to make our industry-leading identity verification offering available to more companies to help them build safer digital services and ensure trust with their users.”

Reinforcing online security through ID verification

Established in 2015, Veriff launched its first IDV product in 2016 and has since become the partner of choice for a wide range of companies in a variety of sectors, including fintech, crypto, gaming, marketplace and mobility. Bolt, Trustpilot,, Starship, Super Awesome, and Mintos are among its clients.

Focused on online identity verification, the Estonian firm claims that its main goal is to make the Internet a safer place for both companies and users. “At Veriff we are passionate about creating a safer environment online. We believe that more accountability and transparency is needed online. Everyone deserves to know that the person they are interacting with online is the person they say they are,” reads the company’s website.

The firm’s identity and document verification solution combines AI-powered automation tech with reinforced learning from human feedback, and if required, manual validation, in order to help businesses easily verify online users from anywhere in the world.  Boasting a 98% check automation rate, the company’s IDV solution gets customers through the process in just 6 seconds, as stated by Veriff.

Apart from its IDV offering, Veriff also provides database verification checks, proof of address and age verification solutions.


The AWS Marketplace, estimated to have more than 300 million active users worldwide, includes thousands of software listings in categories that include security, storage, operating systems, networking, data analytics, machine learning, and data products across a number of industries, such as healthcare, financial services, media and entertainment, telecommunications, and the public sector.

Using the AWS marketplace, customers can quickly launch preconfigured software, and choose software solutions in Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), software as a service (SaaS), and other formats. AWS also offers professional services to help its customers configure, deploy, and manage third-party software.

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