Vislink launches new Aero5 5G downlink transmitter and WMT LiveLink bonded cellular transmitter

Vislink Technologies, Inc., a global technology leader in the capture, delivery and management of high quality, live video and associated data in the media and entertainment, law enforcement, and defense markets, has announced the launch the Aero5 5G Airborne Transmitter for the public safety and broadcast/ENG community.

Aero5 is available now for pre-ordering directly from Vislink and through its integration partners. “We believe the Aero5 is the most technologically advanced 5G/LTE bonded cellular solution available for airborne video downlink applications,” said Mickey Miller, Vislink CEO.

“This product represents a significant addition to our downlink solutions that are widely recognised for the dependable, high-video, low-latency capabilities they can provide to both public safety agencies and live production broadcast firms. We look forward to demonstrating it to existing and prospective clients in these key sectors and showing how it can transform their air-to-ground video transmission operations.”

According to Vislink, Aero5 is a completely new addition to Vislink’s flagship Airborne Video Downlink System (AVDS), the leading air-to-ground video transmission solution that is commercially available.

Leveraging LTE/5G cellular technology, the company says that Aero5 establishes an extended bidirectional link using local cellular infrastructure as the receive system. It can be deployed as a stand-alone cellular-based downlink or combined with Vislink’s AeroLink COFDM transmitter to provide a robust hybrid solution.

Powered by the award-winning MVP UltraLink mobile encoder, Aero5 builds on Vislink’s track record of delivering high-quality, low-latency live video streaming capabilities. This advanced technology platform ensures a seamless and reliable high-throughput connection between the air and the public cellular infrastructure.

Vislink believes that Aero5 is perfectly suited for facilitating critical video and data transmissions, file transfer, push-to-talk communications, and network connectivity.

Vislink unveils WMT LiveLink

Vislink has also recently unveiled WMT LiveLink, its “most technologically advanced bonded cellular transmitter on the market”.

“LiveLink will be a game-changer in live remote production spaces—from news and sports to crucial live events,” says Mickey Miller, Vislink CEO. “It is Vislink’s most compact, technologically advanced bonded cellular transmitter yet.”

Based on award-winning Mobile Viewpoint technology, the choice of broadcast professionals worldwide, LiveLink’s novel design promises high-quality 4:2:2, 10-bit HEVC video encoding up to 4K resolutions, and 10-bit Luma Optimization to meet the demands of HDR.

With LiveLink, broadcasters can leverage high-quality, low-latency video transmissions—made possible by FPGA technology and HEVC encoding—to enable dynamic, highly-fluid two-way interviews.

LiveLink provides impressive bonding connectivity, supporting up to 4x diverse public cellular connections, WiFi and public internet. Those in heavily populated environments can still enjoy high data rate connectivity through integration with Vislink’s private 5G connectivity solution. With bonded cellular, private 5G and Starlink satellite support, LiveLink also provides seamless roaming across private and public 5G networks.

Field camera operators can stay connected to colleagues in the broadcast center through a direct audio link provided by LiveLink’s integrated camera control feature. LiveLink also includes multi-camera/transmitter synchronization, allowing users to seamlessly switch between live feeds, viewing the action from different angles.

LiveLink is Vislink’s most compact transmitter yet, Vislink says. Its modest size allows operators to transport the device, place it alongside mirrorless camera systems, or mount it directly on ENG camera devices without disturbing the camera’s balance or operation.

LiveLink offers extended connectivity options, leveraging an SFP slot that delivers flexibility for the amount of video inputs, HDMI support and SDI video outputs. With two Ethernet connections, users can employ the unit as a data hotspot for remote control and Internet access applications.

With LinkMatrix, the brand’s free-to-use management platform that operates from a browser on any device, LiveLink field devices can be remotely managed and controlled, further enhancing broadcast production workflows.

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