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AI Surveillance for 2024 Olympics: Safeguarding the future while maintaining privacy

As Paris gears up for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, France's deployment of AI-driven surveillance technology underscores a commitment to safety while navigating the challenges of privacy and ethics. Ahead of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, France has initiated a project to test and deploy video surveillance technology powered by Artificial Intelligence…

Athonet Tactical Backpack: Facilitating swift LTE/5G network deployment for field operations

The Athonet Tactical Backpack stands out as an advanced solution, delivering a standalone LTE and 5G network tailored to meet the requirements of military, emergency services, and field operations. It is crafted to ensure secure and dependable connectivity in situations where conventional communication infrastructures are either non-existent or compromised. Engineered to enable immediate network setup,…

Avian Cloud: Cloud labs for digital investigations, forensics and eDiscovery

Avian Cloud is a cloud-based digital investigation lab that provides all of the necessary tools and services for digital investigations and legal discovery processes

Avient introduces Versaflex TF adhesive TPEs for soft, stretchable textiles

Avient launches Versaflex TF Adhesive Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) solutions for adhesive films in laminations with nylon and polyester textile fabrics

Avon Protection launches new Exoskin-S1 CBRN protective suit

Avon Protection introduces the latest addition to its range of CBRN protective wear, the EXOSKIN-S1 protective suit

Ammunition production ramp up, EU allocates €500m

New ammunition production budget of €500m comes out of a total €2bn to strengthen the European Union’s defence industry

New combat vehicle programme, Italy to spend €5bn

For the new combat vehicle programme, Army Armoured Combat System (A2CS), Italy has earmarked a budget of at least €5bn

Leica Geosystems unveils new airborne LiDAR sensor, the Leica TerrainMapper-3

Leica Geosystems' new airborne mapping system offers enhanced flexibility, extending the operational range of the company’s LiDAR offering

Armoured vehicles market to soar to $45.18bn by 2030

The global armoured vehicles market will reach $45.18bn by 2030 and show a CAGR of 5.5%, says new report from Skyquest Technology.
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