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The Arabian Peninsula faces the challenge of fire safety 

Today, the entire Arabian Peninsula is facing significant risks in terms of fire safety. The different states are reconsidering their legislation, adapting themselves to the situation, and raising public awareness. For businesses, this challenge is leading to the emergence of new markets and encouraging innovation. Common risks in the region  In 2017, an explosion caused…

Dust Mobile: Revolutionising mobile security with 1st place Milipol Cybersecurity Award

Dust Mobile has earned an award at the Milipol Awards, highlighting their leading-edge mobile security solutions. In a rapidly evolving digital landscape where threats to mobile security are increasing, Dust Mobile has made a substantial impact with their pioneering mobile cybersecurity solutions. Garnering the prestigious Milipol Award, Dust Mobile stands at the forefront of safeguarding mobile communications for security professionals and organizations.

Plastrance Cleargard: Stopping  20% more ballistic threats

Plastrance, a leading manufacturer of high-performance polycarbonate solutions, is proud to introduce Cleargard® to the homeland security market. Cleargard® is a revolutionary polycarbonate glazing product designed to deliver unparalleled protection for law enforcement vehicles and other critical assets.

Premier Biotech’s OralTox: Setting new standards in rapid drug screening technology

OralTox, developed by Premier Biotech, stands out for its ability to deliver accurate drug screening results in less than 10 minutes. This rapid-result testing device is not only innovating the way organisations conduct drug screenings but also significantly streamlining the hiring process with its same-day results capability. The advantages of OralTox The OralTox device offers…

VAB modernisation surge: Qatar amplifies military strength with comprehensive upgrade of 180 vehicles and strategic push for local production

The Qatar Armed Forces (QAF) are undergoing a significant upgrade of their VAB Mk1 fleet, in collaboration with the French defense company Arquus. This modernisation effort, initiated in 2018, marks a pivotal step in Qatar's military strategy to enhance the longevity and performance of its armored vehicles.

Drone defence: 5 key strategies elevating homeland security

Navigating the challenges and innovations in counter-drone technologies The proliferation of drone technology has brought significant advancements and convenience to various sectors. However, it has also introduced complex challenges in national security, with drones being exploited for espionage, smuggling, and threats to public safety. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is at the forefront…

Optronics breakthrough: Thales and NSPO elevate Egypt’s military capabilities with strategic renewal of pioneering joint venture

Last December, Thales, a global technology leader, and the National Service Products Organization (NSPO) of Egypt took a significant step towards bolstering Egypt's defense industry, particularly in the specialized field of optronics. The two entities renewed their commitment to Arab International Optronics (AIO), a joint venture established in 1982, aimed at advancing the local production of critical optronic equipment.

Serenicity’s Detoxio: Addressing cybersecurity challenges

Serenicity has developed Detoxio, a cybersecurity solution designed to meet the evolving needs of modern organisations facing sophisticated cyber threats. Detoxio stands out on the market with its capability to detect and neutralise toxic data flows, thereby enhancing the security posture of businesses across various sectors. This solution integrates seamlessly into any network architecture, providing…

AI Surveillance for 2024 Olympics: Safeguarding the future while maintaining privacy

As Paris gears up for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, France's deployment of AI-driven surveillance technology underscores a commitment to safety while navigating the challenges of privacy and ethics. Ahead of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, France has initiated a project to test and deploy video surveillance technology powered by Artificial Intelligence…
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