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ASKION Laser Range Finder: From industrial automation to security monitoring

The ASKION Laser Range Finder is an eye-safe device equipped with 905 nm laser diodes, designed for a wide range of measurement tasks. This Laser Distance Measurement Module (DMM) combines technical precision with a favourable cost-benefit ratio, tailored to meet specific operational requirements including measuring frequency, pulse energy, and data interface options. Technical specifications Operating…

Firefighting trends in 2024

Firefighting and fire services will continue to feel the impact of new technologies in 2024, among other trends, says the Big Red Guide

Product spotlight: AfterBurner-4 Digital Video Recorder

The AfterBurner-4 is the latest model in the AfterBurner series, developed by Ovation Systems, focusing on digital video recording for evidential and surveillance purposes. This model retains the physical dimensions of the previous models to facilitate replacement while introducing several new features. Features and capabilities The device incorporates H.264 video compression technology to optimise storage…

Security sector soars: Trends in cyber, airport, and drone innovations

According to the comprehensive analysis by "En Toute Sécurité", the global security market has experienced a remarkable rebound, with spending climbing to a record €669 billion in 2022, marking a 4.5% growth rate.

UF PRO Striker BDU: Enhancing utility and comfort

Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs) are valued for their utility, durability, and camouflage properties. Among these, the UF PRO Striker BDU stands out, embraced by Special Forces units worldwide for its comfort and performance. This overview provides insights into the Striker BDU's key features, materials, and suitability for various environments. Materials: Quality and durability The choice…

Procotex: A new life for ballistic vests

Procotex offers a recycling solution for bullet-proof vests

Avon Protection’s protective mask and respirator chosen by Swedish police

Avon Protection’s C50 protective mask and MP-PAPR multi-position powered air purifying respirator have been selected by the Swedish Police

The Protectile: A less-lethal solution for law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies worldwide are seeking alternative means to address critical situations and minimise the use of lethal force. The Protectile, a novel less-lethal projectile, was developed in response to this need, aiming to render conventional bullets less lethal and provide law-enforcement officers with a viable alternative when facing potential threats. The Protectile is an…

John Cockerill to acquire military vehicle maker Arquus

The Belgian tech group, John Cockerill, to aquire one of France’s leading military vehicle manufacturers, Arquus
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