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La France et l’intelligence économique : passage à l’offensif !

Si la France a longtemps fait preuve d’une grande naïveté, elle prend…

France and market intelligence: going on the offensive!

For a long time, France was very naïve, but now it is…

Windward Maritime AI and Interpol partner to fight global maritime crime

Windward has been chosen by Interpol to strengthen its global efforts to…

Milipol Paris: Attendance at the 2023 edition up by almost 40 percent

Milipol Paris 2023’s strong turnout demonstrates the event’s enduring relevance for the…

ASKION Laser Range Finder: From industrial automation to security monitoring

The ASKION Laser Range Finder is an eye-safe device equipped with 905…

UF PRO Striker BDU: Enhancing utility and comfort

Battle Dress Uniforms (BDUs) are valued for their utility, durability, and camouflage…

Avon Protection’s protective mask and respirator chosen by Swedish police

Avon Protection’s C50 protective mask and MP-PAPR multi-position powered air purifying respirator…