14 Novembre 2023

Peter Jones adds new options to Klick Fast system

Peter Jones (ILG) Ltd, a leading designer and manufacturer of equipment for the emergency services, security and worker safety sectors, unveils its latest advancements in the Klick Fast System at Milipol Paris 2023.

Catering to public safety, security, and workplace safety devices, these new options are tailored for enhanced user security and convenience. The Klick Fast Ultra-Lock aims to offer a higher level of security by ensuring that devices remain attached even in the most demanding situations, while allowing for swift removal by the user. This innovation is designed to thwart any malicious attempt to dislodge attached equipment, while maintaining secure access for the user alone.

In contrast, the Klick Fast Go connector facilitates immediate release, providing a quick “grab and go” function without needing to be inverted to release the device or equipment. It is ideal for situations where immediate release is more important than high security, such as attaching items and devices to vehicles and storage areas, or for attaching items that require rapid deployment.

The Klick Fast Easy-Sew Dock simplifies the integration process for garment manufacturers as it does not require any specialist machinery or needles. The garment manufacturer sews the Dock onto the garment at the manufacturing stage, so it comes permanently attached to the garment when the garment is purchased. It is ideal for garment customisation, allowing for a straightforward sewing process that’s both time and resource-efficient.

For temporary applications, the Klick Fast Stick-On connector provides a convenient and robust solution for light to medium-duty use. It ensures that devices, including mobile technology, remain portable and hands-free, broadening the scope of Klick Fast’s applicability.

Hall 5A / Stand B093