15 Novembre 2023

The Milipol Network’s pivotal role in homeland security events

Showcasing innovation and fostering international cooperation across continents

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of homeland security, the Milipol Network has emerged as a beacon of innovation, expertise, and international cooperation. Spanning over three decades, this network has established itself as the foremost series of events in the homeland security sector, drawing in a diverse array of participants ranging from government agencies to private sector innovators. Milipol events, held in key global locations, serve as critical junctures where the latest technologies, strategies, and insights in security and defence are showcased and discussed.

Milipol Paris: Excellence in homeland security 18-21 Novembre 2025
Milipol Paris, a biennial event initiated in 1984, stands as the cornerstone of the Milipol Network. Under the patronage of the French Ministry of Interior, it has carved out a reputation as the leading event in homeland security, drawing an impressive array of exhibitors and visitors from across the globe. Renowned for its comprehensive showcase of innovations and solutions, Milipol Paris is not just an exhibition but a hub of knowledge and trends in the security domain.

Milipol Qatar: Bridging the gap in Middle Eastern Security 29-31 October 2024
Established in 1996, Milipol Qatar has become a pivotal event in the Middle East, focusing on homeland security and civil defence. This biennial event offers a unique platform where East meets West, facilitating dialogues and partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries. The next edition, planned for 29-31 October 2024 in Doha, is expected to continue this legacy of bridging global security needs with regional expertise and solutions.

Milipol Asia-Pacific: Addressing regional challenges with global solutions 3-5 April 2024
Milipol Asia-Pacific has been a biennial event since 2005 and has become an essential meeting point for professionals in the Asia-Pacific region. This event provides insights into the specific security challenges faced in this diverse and rapidly changing region. Next scheduled for 3-5 April 2024 in Singapore, Milipol Asia-Pacific is a testament to the Network’s commitment to adapting and responding to evolving regional security needs.

Milipol India: Tapping into the Indo-Pacific’s security potential 8-10 April 2025
The newest addition to the Network, Milipol India, highlights the Network’s expansion into the Indo-Pacific region. Recognising the unique security challenges and immense potential of the Indian market, Milipol India was held for the first time from 26-28 October 2023 in New Delhi, a strategic position to address the region’s specific needs while offering a platform for international collaboration and innovation.

As the world grapples with complex security challenges, the Milipol Network’s role in fostering international collaboration, showcasing cutting-edge solutions, and facilitating knowledge exchange is becoming increasingly crucial. Each event under its umbrella not only addresses the current security landscape but also anticipates future trends, ensuring that the network remains at the forefront of global security and defence solutions.


Milipol Paris

  • Exhibitors: 1,100
  • Visitors: 3,000+
  • Official Delegations: 150+
  • Journalists: 250+

Milipol Qatar

  • Exhibitors: 222 from 22 countries
  • Visitors: 11,500 from 84 countries
  • Official Delegates: 389
  • Journalists: 587
  • Highlights: Record-breaking attendance and significant contracts signed in 2022

Milipol Asia-Pacific

  • Exhibitors: 185 from 24 countries
  • Visitors: 6,404 from 82 countries
  • Official Delegates: 120 from 15 countries
  • Conference Attendees: Over 500

Milipol India

  • Exhibitors: 150+
  • Visitors: 4,000+
  • Highlights: State-level conference programme and VIP delegations from regional government security forces