16 Novembre 2023

“This is a major breakthrough”

According to MKU, the Kavro Doma 360 offers unprecedented protection against rifle firepower

MKU, a leading defence and homeland security company with a customer base in over 100 countries, has been coming to Milipol Paris 20 years. This year MKU is taking advantage of the industry’s top event to unveil its new rifle-rated ballistic helmet, the Kavro Doma 360. We spoke with Director Manish Khandelwal in an exclusive interview about the company’s latest exciting innovation and its ongoing commitment to Milipol, not just in Paris, but around the world.

Why is Milipol Paris a strategic event for MKU and how does it help the company reach the European market? 
Millipol Paris has always been a major show for us, THE European show in fact. We have been exhibiting at Milipol Paris since 2003, so we have been coming here for 20 years. It’s a great event because a lot of homeland security forces are here, so we get a chance to meet them, especially the end users, and understand their requirements, and of course meet our European customers and channel partners.

Our helmet is monolithic, providing uniform protection across the head, making it the world’s first true rifle helmet.

What is the main new product you are presenting at this year’s event? 
We are launching our Kavro Doma 360 rifle helmet, a helmet that can protect against the firepower of rifles, especially the AK-47, MSC, M80 NATO BALL, and M193 rifle bullets. This is major breakthrough because all of the available helmets in the world up until now were good only for hand-gun ammunition.

The new helmet provides 360 degree comprehensive ballistic protection and unlike other helmets on the market, the Kavro Doma 360 is bolt-free and has no metal parts because when a helmet is bolted, the risk of the bolt penetrating the skull on impact is higher. Our helmet is monolithic, providing uniform protection across the head, making it the world’s first true rifle helmet.

It is also very lightweight with the helmet range starting from 1.45 kg. In addition, the Kavro Doma 360 provides “back face signature trauma” of less than 20 mm. This means that the helmet absorbs impact, substantially reducing the risk of injury due to resulting trauma to the wearer’s head.

The Kavro Doma 360 helmet is also precision-engineered to provide additional protection from not just straight impacts, but also rotational/angular impacts which are known to cause concussions or brain injuries.

How have visitors reacted to your stand and the new product you are presenting this year?
It’s been an amazing show. We’ve had a lot of visits both from people we already knew and new ones. Most of them knew we were launching a new product and they really were amazed to see the new rifle helmet. The reactions have been very positive and I think people see the product as genuinely different. They feel like it fills the gap in the market.

MKU is commited to Milipol Paris, having exhibited here since 2003. But the firm has not limited its Milipol exposure to Paris and has also had stands at Milipol India and Milipol Quatar.

“When Milipol announced that it was coming to India, in keeping with our association with Millipol for so many years we decided to attend. We believe that Milipol is very focused on homeland security and very much understands it,” explained MKU Director Manish Khandelwal. He outlined that while there are other defence shows, the highlight of the Milipol Network is their grasp on homeland security. “And that’s why when the announcement was made here… In fact, we have been also exhibiting at Millipol Qatar. We believe in Milipol, that’s why we are a sponsor.”

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