10 Novembre 2023

Genasys enhances fire rescue operations with strategic partnership

Genasys Protect platform provides emergency managers with a unified operating picture of events and granular control to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Exhibiting at Milipol Paris 2023, Genasys is advancing emergency response capabilities further through a strategic collaboration with Tablet Command.

Tablet Command is an emergency response management solution for fire service professionals, and this partnership gives users real-time access to evacuation zones via Genasys Protect. By integrating with Genasys Protect, Tablet Command’s existing mapping services become configurable, showing real-time evacuation zone data such as the status of zones, the number of emergency vehicles in the area, cross streets, and more. As a result, fire rescue teams gain an accurate, complete picture of fire incidents as they unfold and can respond effectively.

“Tablet Command and Genasys Protect integration brings everyone onto the same sheet of music when clear, timely communication is critical,” said William Pigeon, CEO and co-founder of Tablet Command.

Genasys is equally enthusiastic. “Our partnership with Tablet Command brings together two best-of-breed technologies to improve emergency response management and, ultimately, save lives,” said Charlie Crocker, Senior Vice President of SaaS at Genasys. “This functionality is something our joint customers have been asking for, and so we are excited to deliver additional support and value to help first responders elevate emergency planning, response and alerting for their communities.”

Tablet Command integrated with Genasys Protect gives battalion chiefs and captains the opportunity to familiarise themselves with evacuation zones outside of their jurisdiction before they get there. Upon arriving on the scene, they will know whether a zone is under advisory warning, or if an evacuation is in place. This additional level of intelligence is key in scenarios such as wildfires, where time is of the essence.

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