10 Novembre 2023

Innovation in the spotlight at Milipol Paris 2023

The Milipol Innovation Awards competition aims to recognise the most innovative manufacturers in the homeland security sector, in terms of products, equipment, services, solutions or business models. After several successful editions, this year the CSR category was added to recognise the integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their commercial activities and their relations with stakeholders. The jury of international experts studied the many submissions from exhibitors this year and selected the finalists ahead of the awards ceremony. The finalists for the 2024 edition were:

  • Cybersecurity
    DUST MOBILE (Hall 5A / Stand K192) with “Cybercell”
    SNOWPACK (Hall 4 / Stand SP026) with “Virtual & Invisible Private Network technology”
    SOPRA STERIA (Hall 5A / Stand C183) with “IODDA”
  • Security for major events
    BOLD ANALYTICS (Hall 5A / Stand B037) with “Maestro X2VEC”
    HEMERIA (Hall 5A / Stand G174) with “Eagle Owl Persistent Surveillance System”
    SHARK ROBOTICS (Hall 5A / Stand C164) with “Shark Spike”
  • Individual Equipment / first responder protection
    BEFPI (Hall 5A / Stand E192) with “Stixx pro 5 & 10”
    SEMPER INVICTA (Hall 5A / Stand D191) with “Slash resistant clothing”
    SOPRA STERIA (Hall 5A / Stand C183) with “IOSS”
  • Drone & anti-drone systems, robotics
    D-FEND SOLUTIONS (Hall 4 / Stand G039) with “EnforceAir2”
    SHARK ROBOTICS (Hall 5A / Stand C164) with “Barakuda”
    SKY-HERO (Hall 5A / Stand L014) with “Unified Robotic System for Tactical Indoor Reconnaissance”
  • Crisis Management
    PHONEXIA (Hall 4 B032) with “Involvement of artificial intelligence in receiving emergency calls”
    STREIT GROUP (Hall 5A / Stand B177) with “Nur”
    SYANS (Hall 5A / Stand L121) with “AGENA-M”
  • CSR
    AVIENT (Hall 5A / Stand A094) with “Circular Economy of UHMW-PolyEthylene Dyneema ballistic materials”
    CYBTECH (Hall 4 / Stand SP011) with “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”
    ROSTAING (Hall 5A / Stand D148) with “Calculating the environmental impact of PPE”
    ULTRAOPS (Hall 5A / Stand VD010) with “Reconstruction through action and rediscovered virtues”

Today the winners in each category will be announced at 14:00 on the Innovation Stage in Hall 4.