15 Novembre 2023

HJELM HC 160F Combat Helmet: Balancing protection and comfort

NFM’s HJELM HC 160F (Fragment) combat helmet is designed to meet the most demanding weight-saving requirements while offering high-level fragment protection. It boasts an optimal weight-performance ratio, ensuring protection without compromising on mobility or comfort. The helmet utilises NFM’s patented FREC-2 pressing technology, enhancing structural integrity while maintaining a lightweight profile. Its sizing system aims to ensure a precise fit for various head shapes and sizes, maximising comfort and stability. The innovative interior design, including the Skullplate Liner and various chinstrap options, allows for a customisable fit and enhanced shock absorption. Additionally, the helmet incorporates KOROYD technology for superior impact management, safeguarding against a range of impact forces.

  • Optimal weight-performance ratio
  • Advanced FREC-2 pressing technology
  • Innovative sizing system and interior design
Hall 5A / STAND D083