16 Novembre 2023

Virtual multi-agency collaboration with NCS’ immersive mission room

NCS is introducing an immersive virtual mission room designed to allow multiple agencies to collaborate on operations and investigations. The virtual room integrates with live video from drones and CCTV feeds, mapping data from geospatial information systems, intelligent data hubs, news feeds and social media feeds to create an overall view of the situation on the ground. Stakeholders can “teleport” themselves into the room to conduct their own breakout discussions. An immersive sandbox provides incident commanders with an immersive view of the area while intelligent recommendations provide real-time awareness of the situation without interrupting critical tasks.

  • Allows operations to be conducted from anywhere, anytime
  • Aggregates all data within a single location for faster decision making
  • Equipped with intelligent recommendations to allow incident commanders to focus on critical tasks
HALL 5A / Stand C179