Aiphone launched AC Nio access control management software with customisable dashboard

Aiphone’s AC Nio software lets users manage daily access control credentials with easy-to-use and adaptable controls.

Japanese intercom, access control, and emergency communication solutions maker Aiphone is introducing its new management software for the AC Series access control system, AC Nio. AC Nio provides users with what the company is calling an easy-to-use and highly customisable dashboard for managing daily access control credentials, running reports, setting schedules, and programming the AC Series access control solution.

User friendly and adaptable

According to Aiphone, the new software boasts an intuitive platform that features widgets, shortcuts, drag and drop functionality, and graphics that help users manage all of the functions within the AC Series. Moreover, an advanced scripting engine allows them to automate access control applications with unlimited personalisation options while flexible permission capabilities support multiple doors across numerous locations.

In addition to these features, AC Nio also provides robust partition access and privileges, allowing for fully customisable administrator permissions through which an administrator can define who can manage specific doors as well as high profile card holders and special schedules. 

Aiphone AC Nio
Credit: Aiphone

“With the launch of our AC Series, we recognised it was important to develop a software management tool that would be easy to use but also offered the same high level of functionality that our customers have come to expect from Aiphone,” said Brad Kamcheff, marketing manager at Aiphone Corporation. “The AC Nio achieves just that, putting the power to manage our access control system and other security systems in our customers hands with a modern software platform that is fully customizable and integrates with other solutions.”

Easy-to-use functionalities

One of the main advantages of the new software, Aiphone claims, is that it allows users to easily gain access to a broad range of tools, programming, automated services, and partition and access privileges from a single dashboard location.

The AC Nio dashboard comes equipped with drag-and-drop functionality, widgets, shortcuts, and graphs for easy navigation and access to system information, facilitating tasks such as programming entry credentials, setting schedules, and running reports. In addition, users can easily introduce bulk changes, perform partition scoping, and manage the overall permission system. 

Additional features

Beyond its comprehensive management functions, AC Nio also offers a host of other features. The software’s flexible notification management allows end users to define what notifications they see based on their specific criteria or chosen type of notification. This feature also includes the ability to customise bulk notifications sent to administrator groups.

AC Nio integrates using lightweight directory access protocol (LDAP), allowing for easy access to user information and permits user permissions to be continuously synced through the Active Directory server.

Additionally, Aiphone’s new software incorporates an advanced scripting engine that allows integrators to simplify, automate, and gain total control over their systems. The interface is intuitive to use, the company specifies, and provides comprehensive features without added costs for integrators or end users.

AC Nio is available under various licensing options based on customers’ needs and variables such as the number of doors, elevators, and surveillance cameras to be managed. 

AC Series access control solution

The new software powers the AC Series access control solution Aiphone launched earlier this year. The AC series integrates with most on-demand security features and provides controlled access with visitor screening, internal communication, and video monitoring.

The system is fully compatible with all of Aiphone’s entry security intercom system technologies and thanks to its compact over‑the‑door controllers and access control panels, the AC Series can be adapted to meet any size or configuration. This adaptability allows organisations to expand their access control solution installation over time.

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