Aselsan unveils Low-Frequency Active Towed Sonar System

Aselsan has launched the DÜFAS Low-Frequency Active Towed Sonar System, promising to enhance naval defence capabilities with cutting-edge sonar technology. This system is designed to detect and track submarines and other underwater threats with high precision.

Advanced Sonar Capabilities

The DÜFAS system represents a significant advancement in sonar technology. It utilises la ow-frequency active sonar to detect underwater objects at greater distances compared to traditional sonar systems. The towed array sonar design allows for flexible deployment and superior performance in various marine environments. Aselsan’s engineers have integrated advanced signal processing algorithms to improve detection accuracy and reduce false positives, making the DÜFAS system one of the most reliable sonar systems on the market.

Enhanced Naval Defence

Designed to bolster naval defence operations, the DÜFAS system is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to provide comprehensive underwater surveillance. It can operate effectively in diverse conditions, from shallow coastal areas to deep-sea environments. The system’s ability to detect low-signature submarines and unmanned underwater vehicles enhances the ability to protect a navy’s waters and secure its assets. Aselsan’s commitment to innovation is evident in the DÜFAS system’s robust design and high-performance capabilities.

Future Deployments and Integration

Aselsan plans to integrate the DÜFAS system into various naval platforms, including frigates, corvettes, and submarines. The system’s modular design allows for easy integration with existing naval architectures, ensuring seamless upgrades for current fleets. Future deployments will see the DÜFAS system become a cornerstone of naval defence strategies, providing critical underwater situational awareness and threat detection capabilities. Aselsan continues to push the boundaries of defence technology, ensuring that navies worldwide are equipped with the tools necessary to address emerging underwater threats.


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