Collaboration for innovation: The PRIMUS Defence & Security Cluster and Défense Angels sign partnership agreement

Joint efforts to foster breakthrough technologies and financing opportunities in the defence and security sector.

The PRIMUS Defence & Security Cluster and Défense Angels are proud to announce the signing of a partnership agreement aimed at strengthening their collaboration to promote and finance strategic innovation in the defence and security sector. The partnership agreement was signed on 17 April in Toulouse by Mr. Gilles Laborde, President of the PRIMUS Defence & Security Cluster, and Mr. Guy Gourevitch, President of Défense Angels.

This partnership will enable Défense Angels to benefit from the support of the PRIMUS Cluster in identifying innovative companies seeking funding through its network and ecosystem. In return, Défense Angels will be able to refer companies developing dual-use technologies wishing to access the defence and security markets to the PRIMUS Cluster. The PRIMUS Defence & Security Cluster and Défense Angels are convinced that this strategic partnership will contribute to strengthening the innovation ecosystem in France and promoting the development of cutting-edge technologies in the defence and security field. By joining forces, the two organisations aim to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and investment opportunities, ultimately driving the advancement of defence and security technologies. The partnership will leverage the expertise, resources, and networks of both entities to support innovative companies and start-ups operating in this sector.

The PRIMUS Defence & Security Cluster is renowned for its extensive network of defence and security industry stakeholders, research institutes and academic institutions. It serves as a hub for fostering innovation, encouraging cooperation and supporting the growth of companies in the defence and security ecosystem. Défense Angels, on the other hand, is an investment network specialising in defence and security start-ups. Their mission is to facilitate funding and provide strategic guidance to promising ventures in the sector. With their deep understanding of the industry and access to a wide range of investors, Défense Angels plays a crucial role in fueling innovation and driving the commercialisation of groundbreaking technologies. The partnership between PRIMUS and Défense Angels aligns with the shared objective of strengthening France’s defence and security capabilities through technological advancement and entrepreneurship.

By combining their respective strengths, they aim to create a thriving ecosystem that fosters innovation, supports start-ups and contributes to the overall growth and competitiveness of the defence and security industry. Both organizations look forward to the successful implementation of this partnership and the positive impact it will have on the defence and security innovation landscape in France. Through joint efforts, they are striving to enhance national security, promote economic growth and position France as a global leader in defence and security technology innovation.

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