10 Novembre 2023

Virtuose: A game-changing monocular at Milipol Paris 2023

Exhibiting at Milipol Paris this year, ELYNXO is presenting one of its latest innovations: Virtuose. Virtuose is an ultra-lightweight multifunction monocular designed to provide a distinctive combination of thermal and optical capabilities in a single compact form.

Weighing in at a mere 850 grams, Virtuose is engineered for combat scenarios and designed with ergonomic considerations to ensure user comfort and durability. Its diminutive dimensions measuring just 14.3cm in length, 14.9cm in width, and 5cm in height make it highly portable, fitting conveniently in a pocket or bag.

At its core, Virtuose features the Lynred 640×480 thermal imaging sensor, boasting a NETD of <30mK. This technology enables precise detail recognition in adverse weather conditions and low thermal contrast scenarios. The monocular’s high-performance optics and advanced image processing algorithms empower users with long-range object identification capabilities, exceeding distances of one kilometre.

Additionally, Virtuose incorporates a laser rangefinder with a range of up to 4.5km, GPS positioning, and an integrated camera for photo and video capture. Its live streaming capabilities allow for real-time data dissemination to the chain of command.

With intuitive operation and quick-access menus, Virtuose offers a versatile and user-friendly experience. Designed for durability and resistance to environmental challenges, Virtuose aims to provide enhanced situational awareness and decision-making capabilities to ground, air, and naval forces.

Stand 5 E168