14 Novembre 2023

Thermal imaging specialist VECTED at Milipol Paris 2023

VECTED is showcasing an optimised version of its TC-640 series at Milipol Paris this year, aiming to set a new standard in thermal imaging quality.

The series boasts both hardware and software advancements, including the integration of the latest sensor technology and refined thermal sensitivity (NETD), providing higher input to the image processing pipeline. These advancements allow the series to achieve a system NETD of less than 30 mK, leading to noticeably increased clarity and contrast for thermal images.

Visitors to Milipol Paris 2023 have the opportunity to see how VECTED’s innovations are leading to more efficient power usage, allowing devices to operate longer on a single charge. This efficiency is achieved through the latest software upgrade, which also simplifies operations with thermal pre-calibration for immediate readiness, eliminating the need for a mechanical shutter.

The optimisation of automatic correction algorithms extends the time required between manual calibrations, allowing users to remain focused on their surveillance objectives. The TC-640 series of devices, designed to serve as observation, front and targeting devices, do not require conversion or additional lenses, which contribute to their versatility and ease of use according to the company.

These devices, which will be available beginning in March 2024, are intended for professionals in the surveillance, law enforcement, and security sectors. Visitors to Milipol Paris are invited to experience how VECTED’s thermal imagers can enhance their operational capabilities.

Hall 5A / Stand J046