16 Novembre 2023

A versatile firefighting vessel designed for speed and safety

ST Engineering’s 50-metre Heavy Fighting Vessel is a powerful, firefighting, multipurpose 50-metre-long vessel designed and constructed by the company. The vessel boasts twelve water and foam monitors capable of reaching 200 metres and harnesses seawater for on-land firefighting, functioning as a versatile near-shore fire hydrant. It also uses dynamic positioning technology, ensuring automatic orientation without manual oversight. With a top speed of 20 knots, its hull is designed for speed. Equipped with a robust protective system against chemical, biological, and radiation threats, the vessel can accommodate up to 150 evacuees, guaranteeing both speed and safety in critical operations.

  • Multipurpose design
  • Extended reach
  • Can accommodate up to 150 evacuees
Hall 5A / Stand C179