Decoding the complexity of video evidence: a presentation at the European Parliament

The presentation of Martino Jerian, CEO and Founder of Amped Software, at the European Parliament on May 24, 2023, stressed the importance of understanding the roles and skills of both video forensic analysts and investigators.

Analysts possess deep technical competency while investigators juggle a multitude of tasks, often in the field. This difference in focus necessitates the discernment of tasks suitable for each group. The integration of Amped FIVE and Amped Replay, two leading forensic tools, could aid in this differentiation while enabling a broader set of law enforcement professionals to work effectively with video evidence.

Promoting science and awareness in video evidence interpretation

The interpretation of video evidence, though it might seem straightforward on the surface, is a complex scientific process. The limitations of technology and inherent “shortcuts” our brains take can lead to inaccurate conclusions. Hence the necessity for specialised personnel and tools. The public and all stakeholders in the criminal justice system, from judges to journalists, must understand the importance of treating video evidence with the same rigour as any other forensic discipline, following established guidelines to maintain a correct, repeatable and reproducible workflow.

Shaping the future of forensics

Martino Jerian presented his comprehensive document “Essential Concepts and Principles for the Use of Video Evidence for Public Safety and Criminal Justice” to the European Parliament in an informative session aimed to foster discussion. With this document, Jerian is aiming to raise awareness and shape industry practices, and it encapsulates years of professional dedication to video forensics. It presents an overview for policymakers and practitioners alike, bridging the knowledge gap and guiding the application of video evidence principles. This seminal document stands as a first step towards fostering an improved understanding and application of video evidence, bolstering the pursuit of justice across communities.

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