GORE-TEX unveils its latest technologies

GORE-TEX showcased their latest innovations tailored for police and military applications at the Milipol Paris trade show this year.

The EXTRAGUARD upper technology for military combat boots.

This new technology is a fusion of robust upper material with the flexibility of textiles, designed to offer enhanced durability and performance. EXTRAGUARD boots are not only robust but also durably waterproof, breathable, and flame-retardant. These qualities are maintained even under prolonged exposure to extremely wet conditions, making them an ideal choice for challenging operational environments.

The stretch technology for enhanced mobility

In addition to the EXTRAGUARD technology, GORE-TEX introduced their stretch technology, a novel combination of hard shell material with breathable stretch components. This is the first textile technology in military clothing aimed at reducing thermal stress while providing maximum freedom of movement. The Stretch technology is a significant step forward in functional military wear, offering a balance between protection and flexibility. This innovation addresses a critical need in military operations where agility and thermal comfort are paramount, without compromising on the protective aspects of the clothing.

A new range of flame-retardant protective clothing specifically designed for riot police.

These new laminates cater to the unique operational requirements of riot control, offering enhanced protection against various threats. These garments are engineered to withstand the rigour of riot control scenarios, providing police forces with the necessary protection while maintaining comfort and mobility.

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