Milipol Paris 2023: Anti-terror and crisis management in the focus for the 23rd edition

Organisers of Milipol Paris, the world’s leading homeland security and safety event, are looking forward to welcoming visitors to the 23rd edition of the bi-annual show, taking place in Paris from 14-17 November at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.

This year, 30,000 visitors are expected to attend the trade show, which will feature more than 800 exhibitors from a range of sectors. The four days of the show will be packed with content, including talks and discussions featuring internationally-renowned experts tackling the key issues facing the security market today.

At the 2021 edition, more than 1,000 exhibitors were in attendance, 65% of which were international, and there were more than 30,000 visitors from over 150 countries, as well as 150 official delegations. In addition, more than 220 journalists covered the event.

Milipol Paris is a focal point for the latest innovations and the place where the future of the industry is defined. As a platform for business, innovation and discussion, the event expects to attract again large crowds of professionals, with 90% of the 2021 attendees having declared their intention to go to Milipol Paris 2023 – and many new visitors expected.

French Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, along with several international Ministers of the Interior, will be present for the opening ceremony.

The Milipol Innovation Awards will be back again, once again recognising the most innovative companies in the homeland security industry.

There will also be exhibitor seminars and live demonstrations as well as pitches delivered on the Innovation & Research Stage.

Finally, there will be specific exhibiting areas including First-Time Exhibitor Village, Forensics Zone, Start-up Area, etc.

Topics in focus

The show will cover various topics and issues including law enforcement, urban security, systems integration, anti-terrorism – special forces, data protection and communication systems, private security, civil security and cybersecurity and how to tackle modern cyber threats.

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Law enforcement

This is one of the most dynamic sectors at Milipol Paris. During the 2021 edition, 304 exhibitors and over 1,700 visitors were involved in this business field, and Milipol organisers hope to make those numbers even better this year.

The show will take an international look at the different approaches to policing, delving into the different tactics employed to deal with crowds and violence as well as civil disobedience. It will explore the different tools and innovations available and will explore the question of how the right balance can be struck between civil order and allowing the population their civil liberties and right to protest.

Exhibitors from this sector for 2023 will include: Invisio, Kaama, Kermel, Korea CNO Tech, Landguard Systems and more.

Urban security

The security of public places and urban security are just as topical as ever, and Milipol Paris 2021 saw 97 exhibitors and over 1,200 visitors from this sector.

Again, this issue is nuanced and involves utilising the latest technology to strike the right balance between civic security and energy concerns (regarding street lighting etc.) and people’s civil liberties (the right to not be surveilled). Also, in the current global context of multiple crises, urban, and population safety extends to the prevention of risks like natural disasters (floods, storms, etc.). Here again, platforms play a key role. They are a real asset for operators in charge of crisis management on the scale of a city, region or country.

Aclima AS, Allwan Security, Atos France, Batisec, Bertin Technologies, Cognyte and many more, will be among the exhibitors in this sector.

Systems integration

At Milipol Paris 2023, visitors will be able to discover the business sector of systems integration, which involves building, connecting and maintaining several disparate systems and tools within a single larger information system. In 2021, 67 exhibitors and over 1,175 visitors were present in this sector.

Products in this field include transmission , communication and positioning solutions such as transmitters/receivers, satellite communication systems, connectors, geographic information systems (GIS) and tracking equipment, integrated systems and control rooms for video surveillance, data/image processing and analysis software, information system security, operating systems, rugged computers, on-board communication systems and specific warning systems, weather and seismic monitoring systems and telecommunication networks for deployment in crisis zones.

Exhibitors will include Aerotec & Concept, Cegelec Defense, CP France, Elecdan, Idemia, Thales and more

Data protection – information and communication systems

As new regulations related to data privacy will be implemented with the disappearance of third-party cookies, data protection remains one of the major sectors of Milipol Paris.
At the 2021 Milipol show, over 70 exhibitors and 1,000 visitors from this sector were in attendance.

From GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive and Open Data and the DMA (Digital Market Act) through to the DSA (Digital Services Act), the DGA (Data Governance Act) and the DA (Data Act), data protection can be a minefield for companies. But, since 2019, the European Commission has been developing its strategy to create a digital data market that facilitates innovation while strengthening user protection. Once more, it’s all about balance – this time between personal privacy and useful data sharing.

Advantage Austria, Airbus, Bretagne, Crosscall, Dust Mobile and more key exhibitors have already confirmed their attendance in this segment.

Personal security

Private security has emerged as a specific business sector of Milipol Paris for the last few editions of the event.

With 58 exhibitors and almost 1,000 visitors in 2021, the sector confirmed its growing importance for the show.

Large events such football matches and the Olympic games, as well as large-scale arena concerts, present challenges when it comes to security. Most of these events are manned by private security firms but in some places, the lines between private and state security and policing can be blurred. For example, the U.S., South Africa and Asia have a more highly developed private security sector than a public one. India has 7 million private security guards but only 1.4 million police officers, making it the country with the largest differential in the world. In the U.S., there are 1.1 million private security employees compared to 666,000 police officers. In France, it is the opposite: there are almost 40% more police and gendarmerie officers than private security guards. At the show we will address some of the issues and concerns around private security.

Exhibitors will include AMG Pro, Anorak, Autoclear, DCA France, Icom France – Sorrac and more.

Civil defence

Civil defence encompasses all the means implemented by a state to protect its citizens from natural and man-made risks, or risks related to war.

During the 2021 edition, 137 exhibitors and over 800 visitors were involved in this business field.

At Milipol Paris 2021, 20% of the exhibitors selected “civil defence” as a targeted business sector for visitors. The sector was also represented in several categories of the Milipol Innovation Awards, such as individual equipment and crisis management.

Exhibitors for this sector will include ACS, Airbus, Alsetex, Carma MC, Concordia Textiles and more.


The fight against cyberthreats and cybercrime comes together with two other business sectors covered at Milipol Paris: data protection and systems integration. At Milipol Paris 2021, 35 exhibitors and 300 visitors from this sector were in attendance.

Anti-Terrorism – special forces

Since the attacks of 11 September 2001, which marked the beginning of the “war on terrorism”, the whole planet has been affected by terrorist modes of action. How can we win this asymmetrical war, which has been disrupting the international community for so many years? This is one of the questions that will be addressed at this year’s show.

In 2021, 229 exhibitors and 1,100 visitors were involved in this field.

At Milipol Paris, visitors will be able to see key innovations designed to help tackle terrorism, including some of the latest UAVs, such as a drone called the “Black Hornet”, which is 10 cm long, weighs 20 g, has an autonomy of 25 minutes and can travel at up to 18 kph. France has invested €77 million in this technology.

AP Flyer – Maddos, Area, AT Security, ATS Group and Berghaus will all be in attendance, along with many more.

Why visit Milipol?

The established reputation and international media coverage given to the event make Milipol Paris the best place for promoting brands in the homeland security sector and presenting the latest innovative solutions to buyers in the industry as well as official delegations attending the event.

84% of exhibitors were satisfied by the opportunity the event provided to present new products and services (source: visitor survey 2021).

It is also the place to discover the latest trends within an ever-growing sector and debate the next developments in order to take up the challenge of creating a safer world together!

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