Nexter and SOGECLAIR: forging the future of french military robotics through strategic partnership

One of the inaugural collaborative ventures of this partnership centres around the design of an investigation robot, tailor-made to serve the requirements of the engineering units. The PHOBOS platform, developed by SERA Engineering (SOGECLAIR), is well-suited for this undertaking due to its adaptability to the operational needs of this system.

The platform successfully merges superior mobility, ergonomic design and a minimal logistical footprint. It is built with a robust robotic architecture that is primed for dangerous missions, including counter-mining operations, prioritising the safety of its operators.

Industry leaders comment on the partnership

This partnership has been met with enthusiasm by key figures in both companies. Sylvain Rousseau, the Director of Nexter Systems, expressed his excitement, stating: “The partnership between Nexter and SERA Engineering (SOGECLAIR), first and foremost, shows the desire to unite key French robotics players to create today’s and tomorrow’s ground robot solutions.” This sentiment was echoed by Olivier Pedron, the President of SERA Engineering (SOGECLAIR) and Deputy General Manager of SOGECLAIR, who clarified that “this partnership aims to provide robust, sober, low-logistical-footprint solutions that are tried and tested, reliable.”

The future of military robotics

Nexter and SOGECLAIR, through their partnership, are charting a course towards innovation in military robotics. They are united in their commitment to advancing technology while ensuring robust, reliable solutions for the French army. Their joint venture holds promise not only for the future of their respective companies but for the broader landscape of military robotics. Through such strategic alliances, they are shaping the next generation of ground robot solutions, highlighting the potential of combining their unique capabilities and expertise.

The partnership between Nexter and SOGECLAIR represents a significant advancement in military robotics. Uniting their distinct proficiencies, these industry leaders are aiming to redefine the landscape of French defence. This collaboration embodies a promising future, blending innovation and practicality, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of military robotics.

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