Terrain Tamer’s Parabolic Leaf Springs: Comfort and performance

Traditional leaf springs, known for their thick and heavy construction, have often been associated with discomfort, noise, and limited flex. Recognising the need for innovation in this area, Terrain Tamer has introduced their 4WD Parabolic Leaf Springs – a modern take on a well-established concept from the trucking industry. The suspension system plays a pivotal role in determining ride quality, comfort, and overall performance.

A modern approach to leaf springs

Terrain Tamer’s Parabolic Leaf Springs represent a departure from convention. These springs are engineered to deliver the ultimate ride quality, addressing the shortcomings of traditional leaf springs with a carefully researched design and modern technology.

Key Features of Terrain Tamer Parabolic Leaf Springs:

1. Weight reduction: The innovative design of Terrain Tamer’s Parabolic Leaf Springs results in a significant reduction in unsprung weight. This not only contributes to improved fuel efficiency but also enhances the vehicle’s handling and manoeuvrability, making it suitable for both fully loaded and empty conditions.

2. Reduced shock load: One of the notable advantages of these parabolic springs is their ability to minimise the shock load on the vehicle’s differential gears. By distributing forces more evenly and efficiently, they reduce wear and tear on this critical component, ultimately extending its lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.

3. Noise reduction: Traditional leaf springs often generate noise as individual leaves come into contact with one another during operation. Terrain Tamer’s Parabolic Leaf Springs claims to eliminate this issue by offering a quieter suspension system. This reduction in friction results in a quieter ride for passengers and a less intrusive driving experience.

4. Improved flexibility: Terrain Tamer’s innovative design allows for greater articulation, providing enhanced flexibility on various terrains. This feature ensures a smoother and more comfortable ride, making it ideal for those who venture off-road or frequently encounter uneven surfaces.

5. Exceptional load-carrying capability: While comfort and performance are at the forefront, Terrain Tamer’s Parabolic Leaf Springs do not compromise on strength. They offer an exceptional load-carrying capability, making them suitable for various applications, including heavy-duty tasks and off-road adventures.

Terrain Tamer’s Parabolic Leaf Springs represent a notable advancement in 4WD suspension technology. By addressing the drawbacks of traditional leaf springs, these parabolic springs claim to offer a more comfortable, quieter, and flexible ride without compromising on load-carrying capacity.

Main photo credit: Terrain Tamer

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