10 Novembre 2023

Searchlight Cyber enhances DarkIQ

Searchlight Cyber, present at Milipol Paris this year, unveils upgrades to its unique Dark Web Traffic Monitoring feature in its dark web monitoring solution, DarkIQ. These enhancements equip cybersecurity professionals with deeper insights into dark web network activity and help detect potential malicious actions in order to alert organisations to cyberattacks. DarkIQ’s capability to provide live and historical data on connections between an organisation’s infrastructure and the dark web network The Onion Router (Tor) offers an early warning system for potential cyber threats. The enhancements include enhanced granularity, new visualisations, and traffic splitting capabilities, improving threat detection and response.

Key Selling points

  • Enhanced threat detection
  • Advanced visualisation
  • Traffic segmentation of data
Hall 4 / Stand A018