TacSat for business continuity and emergency preparedness

Metocean Telematics is introducing Bracer, a tactical satellite communication (TacSat) device designed to meet the needs of businesses requiring reliable communication in extreme conditions. Leveraging Iridium satellite technology, Bracer offers features aimed at enhancing operational continuity and security for organisations operating across challenging environments.

Designed for harsh environments

Bracer is engineered to function in some of the most demanding conditions on Earth. Its resilience is a key factor for businesses that operate in environments where traditional communication systems might fail, such as remote, rugged, or extreme climate areas.

Security features

Security is a critical concern for any organisation, and Bracer addresses this with end-to-end encryption for communications. This ensures that sensitive information remains secure, supporting operations that require confidentiality and data protection.

Global connectivity

Utilising the Iridium network, Bracer provides 100% Beyond Line Of Sight (BLOS) capabilities, ensuring that teams can stay connected globally, even in remote locations. This global connectivity is vital for businesses with international operations or those in areas lacking traditional communication infrastructure.

Interoperability and deployment

Bracer is designed to be universally interoperable with various audio ancillaries, catering to different operational needs. Its compact design, optimised for size, weight, and power (SWaP), facilitates easy deployment, making it suitable for rapid response and mobile teams.

Cost-effective communication solution

Offering advanced TacSat technology at a lower cost compared to military alternatives, Bracer provides a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to enhance their communication capabilities. This makes advanced communication technology more accessible to a wider range of organizations.

Situational awareness

In addition to communication, Bracer offers GPS-based position location information, providing real-time situational awareness that can support decision-making in critical situations. This feature is particularly useful for contingency planning and emergency response.

Application in PACE plans

Bracer is positioned as a versatile tool within PACE (Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency) plans, capable of serving as a primary communication system or as a failover solution. Its ability to provide situational awareness adds an extra layer of operational capability, supporting businesses in maintaining communication resilience.

Top image credit: Metocean Telematics

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